What patients say about ZV3 implants:


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Mrs. F. from Munich:

"After a 20-minute treatment, which I thought would be all preparatory measures for the implantation of my two implants, the dentist said: "So, that's it". I could not believe it. But both implants (ZV3 implants. Editor's note) had in fact been placed and I definitely had not felt anything. I had a very normal anaesthesia and felt no pain during punching. Today I notice no difference to my "living" teeth. I do not even remember exactly which my implants are. "

Mrs R. from Fulda:

"They always ask me, if I would have again an implant made. I reply: right away! First, because the insertion was absolutely painless and stress-free for me. Second, because the treatment lasted much less than I thought. And thirdly, because my implant (ZV3 implant. Editor's note) looks superbly natural. No one, really no one believes that my front tooth is an implant. It's great that there are these options today - thank you! "