We keep you certified. For ZV3 implants!


Why is certification necessary? Dealing with the ZV3 implant system is no more difficult than with titanium. To the contrary. Dealing with our system is rather simple. But it requires a rethinking of handling.

If you are interested in our ZV3 implant system, then sign up for an introductory course. You want to be certified for the ZV3 implant system? Then sign up for a user course. In a block seminar we give you detailed knowledge on the subject of implants. You get a deep insight into material science, the status quo, the clear benefits of ZV3 implants and learn how to plan and design individual implants. This is necessary because our technique of implanting differs from conventional implanting of (titanium) implants. In addition, we introduce "newcomers" to the subject of implantation. Certification and work with ZV3 implants is associated with many benefits for you and your patients.

Here you may find our current course dates. Sign up!

Advantages for patients and implantologists:

  • Treatment and incorporation: The treatment takes less time because fewer sessions take place and the procedure for Implantology, laboratory and patient is generally easier. Osseointegration is similar to titanium. It is not necessary to wear a splint or guard. The implant must not be prepared inside the mouth.
  • Individual implants: Our patented manufacturing process ensures preparing individual implants precisely aligned to the patient.
  • Minimally invasive procedure: Our implantation system allows implantologists a gentler treatment of patients and reduces the overall cost compared to conventional implantation systems. In some cases, no bone augmentation is required. The threads are asymmetrical adapted to the bone.
  • Higher patient satisfaction.
  • Less tools required for implant surgery.
  • Time savings compared to other implantation methods (faster handling).

You want to participate in one of our information courses? Then send us an e-mail to info@zv-3.com with subject "Information Exchange". Please tell us your name, address and telephone number (s)!