What users say about ZV3 implants:


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Dr. W. from Munich:

"I have placed 3 ZV3 implants this week. The preparation was very exciting (because there was also little space for the larger, egg-shaped structure...), but everything worked out fine, very minimally invasive! A very pioneering system! "

Dr. W. from Kempten:

"Last year I have placed a Zeramax Impl. regio 46 to my wife. The crown has come off last week, a disaster compared to your system! Short connecting pin, no antirotation feature, no reasonable platform, the smooth surface ... at this point I would like to compliment you for the great and well thought out system you have developed! I am very confident and looking forward to having it available soon in my practice!"

Dr. M. from Iffeldorf:

"I have recently definitely supplied dental implant 12. So, I think that ZV3 is a great system and would like to take up your offer. Perhaps there is indeed an interest to organize a further training together in the future, since I should make my "periodontics specialty" more public in Oberland. "

Dr. W. from Kempten:

"The implantation worked exceedingly well, despite difficult access. I set my hole with 3.8 and thus obtain optimal stability this time (I punched again the lingual portion, was a great tip!) ".

Dr. V. from Herrsching:

"Thanks again for the recommendation, I must still find my way a little bit... but think that I exploit pretty good the jaw ridge with 4.5 mm. At my last patient I had in regio 36.37 to choose from both 4.5 as well as 5.0. 4.5 would have been ideal, but still had to go with 5.0, because I had cut the threads too large and primary stability was not achieved. With 5.0, I then had up to 1 in the vest part No more bone twisting. Shaping on the designer makes is totally fun and much easier, as feared in the beginning."

Dr. H. from Munich:

"My patient, Mrs. S. was here today, her wound healing is perfect! The gums looked from day 1 as if they had always been this way. I punched the lingual portion for all 3 implants and had to open a little only in the jaw ridge area. And the attachment to the ceramic is perfect! "

Dr. F. from Burgau/Schwaben:

"Was able to make a successful implantation! Difficult -as already expected- 36.37. I was able to place them both well, but the vest part was much narrower and was falling off, as expected. I had first placed 4.5mm at regio 36.37, but both had insufficient stability. I pre-drilled 4.3, taps 4.5 -but then that's why I placed the 5.0mm. (pre-drilled 4.5, taps 5.0). Luckily I still had the choice! In the vest part, the bone border is just over the first twisting. The first ceramic implant was sitting anyway great, was nicely atraumatic and this is how I would like to go on from now on: I still like to buy the outstanding amount and think that we will successfully start with ZV3 in 2013. Please send me the offer for the remaining implants. I am completely convinced that this is how implantology should go on! "

Dr. F. from Munich:

"Only after I attended a user course at Mr. Dr. Feith, I became aware of the difference to conventional implantation. Even if the handling is completely different to that of titanium implants, it is still enjoyable and easy. The course is also a prerequisite to be now able to order ZV3 implants and use them on my patients. For my patients the whole procedure is a lot less stressful and less painful because fewer surgical steps are required."

Dr. M. from Fulda:

"I myself am very satisfied. With the quality, with the procedure, with the time saved that it offers me. Even more important is what my patients say again and again: They would not have thought that everything would run quickly and without pain."

Dr. K. from Nuremberg:

"Finally an implant, where everything is just right. Optically high-class and high quality, simple and time-saving insertion. Individually, quickly and professionally prepared for my patients. Added to its advantages is that this implant involves less bone deconstruction and better soft tissue health. This means: No deep pockets, no bleeding, no plaque accumulation."